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    About Us

    The Journey of Rahat Rooh

    In the realm of nawabs, where grandeur and wisdom reigned supreme, the rishis of the time crafted natural Ayurvedic oils that bestowed extraordinary benefits upon the royalty, that later spread across the entire kingdom. It was within this opulent tapestry that the idea of Rahat Rooh was born in 1881, nearly 150 years ago. 

    From hair care and body care to medicinal and emergency needs, Rahat Rooh emerged as the quintessential companion for every requirement. Its legacy of trust and expertise has been diligently passed down through generations, permeating every precious drop. 

    With the blessings of our beloved grandmother Ujjwal Chaudhary, Rahat Rooh built space in the shelves and hearts of almost every Indian household. The next generation of Late Pradeep Chaudhary and Pankaj Chaudhary carried the legacy of Rahat Rooh forward. With an aim to bring Ayurveda a household solution in the 21st Century, Rahul Chaudhary and Rohan Chaudhary shape the future of Rahat Rooh, consistently driven to uphold the ideology - Nature always has a remedy.

    Today, Rahat Rooh gracefully blends ancient traditions with modern convenience, offering a comprehensive range of offerings to nurture well-being and enhance the everyday journey of individuals. In each bottle, the remarkable power of nature intertwines with the essence of tradition, ensuring that Rahat Rooh remains an unwavering symbol of Ayurvedic splendor.

    Our Vision and Mission

    Our noble purpose is to uphold the timeless heritage of Ayurveda, cherished and shared

    across generations, as we endeavor to illuminate the path to well-being. Through our endeavors, we aspire to impart the wonders of natural botanical herbs and the profound wisdom of ancient medicine to all. In an era increasingly reliant on chemicals, we strive to reconnect individuals with their roots and reignite their faith in the transformative power of natural and Ayurvedic offerings. Our mission is to restore harmony and balance by embracing the age-old principles of nature, guiding humanity towards a renewed belief in the healing potency of these sacred traditions.

    Empowered by Women

    We at Rahat Rooh are firm believers of women empowerment. Women have played a key role in the formulation of some of our time-honoured solutions. Today, our production facility runs on the tensile and tenacious shoulders of strong women, from management to day-to-day operations.